Picnic and Party Pet Tips

It’s summer—time for picnics, parties, and outdoor fun for the whole family! It’s a good bet that your pet will be included in the festivities, so use these tips from a Tampa veterinarian to make sure he stays safe and sound.

Watch for Harmful Human Food

Your picnic or party probably has various human foods that pets shouldn’t have, and they may even be sitting out on tables or counters where pets can easily swipe them! Take care to have your pet avoid chocolate, candy, gum, avocado, onions, garlic, grapes, raisins, citrus fruits, baked goods, and salty foods. All could cause upset stomach at the least, and toxic symptoms in the worst-case scenario.

Don’t Let Pet Have Table Scraps

Too many fatty table scraps will upset a pet’s stomach, so don’t let any of your guests slip Fido a meaty treat. Raw or cooked bones are a no-no as well, since they can splinter apart, lacerating or puncturing your pet’s insides.

Keep an Eye on Cocktails

Remember that alcoholic beverages have the potential to severely poison a cat or dog. Wine, liquor, beer, and even champagne can all poison a pet in small amounts, so watch all drinks carefully. If you see your pet exhibiting uncoordinated movements, stumbling, vomiting, or diarrhea, he may have ingested alcohol. Call your veterinary professional while rushing your pet to the emergency room right away.

Protect Against Sun and Heat

Provide your pet with plenty of cool, fresh water at all times, especially if he’s spending a long time outdoors. Make sure there’s a shady spot for him to cool off under as well. You might even consider purchasing a dog- or cat-specific sunscreen to help protect against the sun’s harmful rays. Ask your vet for a recommendation.

Swim Safely

Many dog owners might like to take their pooch to the backyard pool or a public lake for a dip. Remember that not all dogs are great swimmers, so you should stay in the water with your canine companion to offer support. Also remember to rinse off the coat thoroughly with fresh water—you don’t want to leave chlorine or salt water in the fur as it will irritate the skin.

Call your Tampa veterinarian to discover more easy ways to keep your pet happy during your next summer party or picnic!

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