Calming Your Dog’s Fear of the Vet’s Office

It’s a safe bet that your dog doesn’t like the vet’s office—he’s only been poked, prodded, and probed there in the presence of strangers! If you’d like to get your pooch to calm down by the next veterinary visit, try your Tampa veterinarian’s suggestions.

Casual Clinic Visits

Check with your vet’s office to see if they’ll allow a casual visit with your dog. If they don’t mind, bring your dog along to the vet’s office simply to visit, without an appointment! Use a lot of treats and toys to encourage your dog, and let him explore on his own. With any luck, he’ll realize that the vet’s office isn’t all bad. You might even give the office staff a few treats to give your dog. When it’s time for a real appointment, your dog will be familiar with the sounds, smells, and sights of the office.


When a real appointment does come along, many dogs are helped simply by being distracted. Bring along your pet’s favorite toys and plenty of treats. During the car ride to the office, waiting in the parking lot, sitting in the waiting room, and even during the examination, keep your dog distracted with these items.

Mock Exams

At home, you can try faking exams to get your dog acclimated to the sensations he’ll feel during the actual veterinary exam. Sit your dog up on a table, offering a supporting hand at all times. With the other, poke and prod your pet a bit, feeling the ribs, legs, back, and tail. This is a good time to check your pet for actual medical concerns—let your vet know if you feel any lumps or bumps. If you keep up this fake exam procedure for a while before the actual appointment, your dog should be much calmer during the real thing!

Consult your Tampa veterinarian for more helpful suggestions on calming your dog’s vet-office anxiety. With a little patience and the right techniques, your dog won’t make a fuss on every appointment day!

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