Pampering Your Elderly Cat

If your cat is past middle age and starting to enter her golden years, she may not move as quickly as she once did. Try these suggestions from a Tampa vet to make her life a little easier around your home.

Soft Beds

Cats sleep quite a bit normally, and they’ll probably only sleep more as they age. Make sure your feline friend has a soft pet bed to rest her body on. A well-cushioned spot will feel wonderful on achy joints and sore muscles at the end of the day. If your cat has used the same bed for many years, it may be time to consider replacing it.

Litter Box Tips

Try placing multiple litter boxes for your cat around your home, perhaps one on each floor. Older cats may have trouble maneuvering up and down the stairs, so an easily-accessible box on each floor can be very helpful. Also make sure the box is in a room that won’t accidentally get closed off.

Home Modifications

It’s probably harder for your senior cat to get up on her favorite perches, windowsills, and couches. Purchase or build your own pet ramps to set up around your home. Try lining them with carpet strips to ensure your cat’s footing. If you have slippery hardwood or tile floors, try laying down carpet strips so your cat can get a good grip.

Grooming Assistance

Many older cats have trouble twisting and turning to groom themselves like they once did, so they can benefit from your help in this area. Sit down with your cat once a day and give her a thorough brushing. It will remove loose, dead hair and help spread skin oils through the coat, keeping it healthy and shiny.

Pet Massage

Yes, cats can benefit from massage therapy! Older cats with stiff joints and tired muscles will feel great after a light massage. Ask your vet how to perform simple procedures at home, and see if there are any professional pet masseuses in your area.

Talk to your Tampa veterinarian for more information on senior cats, and ask about other ways to pamper your beloved feline companion.

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