Our Careteam

Janette Tossas-Flores
Practice Administrator
Janette is the Practice Administrator at Bearss Animal Clinic. She a USF graduate and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in chemistry. After working for 12 years in the pharmaceutical field, her husband decided to purchase a practice from a retiring veterinarian. You guessed it! Janette is the wife of Dr. Flores. Ten years ago she took a three month leave of absence from her position at the pharmaceutical company that she worked for in order to help her husband get established. To help Dr. Flores focus on practicing good veterinary medicine and not get side tracked with the day to day issues of running a business, Janette stayed on board to manage the practice.

Bearss Animal Clinic is owner operated. It is our pleasure to serve our clients and their beloved furry family members. At the Flores household there is a small “zoo” that is constantly growing (just ask Dr. Flores). A household without pets to the Flores family is boring.
Edgardo Tossas
Veterinary Assistant
Edgardo, whom we all refer to as Eddie, has been working with Dr. Flores for the past 12 years. He holds the position of Veterinary Assistant. Eddie has been a great asset to Bearss Animal Clinic. His knowledge and expertise with animal handling has been invaluable to the staff and clients.

As a child and growing up, the family always had dogs. One day, walking home from school, Eddie was followed home by a stray puppy. The puppy was named Blackie and he ended up staying with the family for 14 years. Several years ago, Blackie got very sick and he passed away at home. The whole family got together on a Sunday morning to pay respect to the one that followed him home one day. Eddie has also kept and bred zebra finches and has had several saltwater and freshwater aquariums.

As a young man, Eddie started working at a veterinary practice not knowing how rewarding it would be to help clients and patients with their needs. He has a special interest in pet dental care and has taken courses and labs to further this interest. He is one of three staff members certified in Laser Therapy using our state of the art, award winning class IV Companion Laser.

Eddie is married and has three children. For pets, his children currently have Beta fish at home. In his free time, Eddie enjoys spending time with his family, going to church, working out and traveling. He recently completed a course and graduated with a degree as an Emergency Medical Technician.
Veterinary Assistant
Teresa is a Veterinary Assistant at Bearss Animal Clinic. She has been assisting the doctor and nursing our post-op patients for the past 10 years. She loves taking care of the patients and enjoys being with them and nurturing them. Throughout her life, Teresa has taken care of many pets. Recently, she lost her last family pet, Trinity, to lymphatic cancer. Prior to being adopted by Teresa, Trinity had had a very rough life. Though it was sad to lose her, the family found solace in the fact that they had given her a good home.
Jason has been at Bearss Animal Clinic since he was seven years old. Yes, Jason is Dr. Flores son. Jason has inherited his love for animals from his father. This past year, he started volunteering at the family practice as he too is interested in pursuing a career in the veterinary field.

Jason has always taken excellent care of the family pets. As he was growing up, he had two “brothers”. One was a chocolate lab named Snickers and a Chihuahua named Kokito. He mourned their passing as if they had been his siblings. Our pets are family members to us and we treat them and mourn them as such.

Recently the family came home to Jason’s new hobby, a Koi fish pond. What a surprise and shock for mom! After the initial shock, they all went together to the store and selected their own fish for the pond. Now they all enjoy the fish and the beautiful pond. The next upcoming adventure is to enjoy breeding and showing American Singer Canaries with his father.
Al has been a volunteer at Bearss Animal Clinic for over 10 years. He is usually working behind these scenes and most clients have yet to actually meet him personally. Al helps with the maintenance of our facility, assists with kennel duties, and lends a helping hand wherever it is needed.

Al grew up in a small farming community in Puerto Rico, where he acquired a love for animals and nature. He has owned many pets throughout the years, including cats, dogs and birds. He currently owns an aquarium that is teeming with colorful tropical fish, but his pride and joy is Nena, his Rhode Island red hen. She acts more like a dog than like a chicken. One of her favorite games is to sneak into the house and to peck at Al’s toes when he is not watching.
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